carbide and PCD tooling

The reconditioning department of Har is specialized in carbide and PCD tooling. The most advanced grinding equipment is used. All of the repaired tools are retrofitted to the original manufacturing standards. All of the retrofitted tools are advised to repaint with their original protective surface treatment.

Reconditioning tools have great benefits, such as extending the life of tool at a small part of the cost of a new product, reducing inventory and saving materials. We not only can recondition the fixed pocket PCD and PCBN drills, reamers, end mills etc, but also can recondition other manufacture’s PCD tooling.

In order to reduce the possibility of breakage and chipping of the reconditioned tools, the transport of the tools, especially carbide and PCD tooling, should be packaged in their original plastic tubes when possible or separated with bubble wrap.

We not only supply services in Germany, but also provide local certified reconditioning and regrind facilities here in the USA and Canada. It is a great honor for us to partner with these quality facilities.

Hangs, who was born in 1954 in  Germany, founded the Elenco Carbide Tool. It is over 45 years for Elenco on designing, manufacturing and regrinding high-quality precision solid carbide cutting tools, since 1968. The solid carbide tooling of HAEM have has using the quality reconditioning, altering and resharpening services of Elenco Tool for more than a decade.

A multi-talented team of tool grinders and designers comprised the Elenco Carbide Tool. Like HAEM, they provide the best service as possible as they can to get customer satisfaction.

Gary DeBoer founded DeB Tool in 1997 in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. Gary, who used to work as a tool and die maker and also a CAD tooling designer, has rich experience in the cutting tool industry.

As a manufacturer of standard and special end mills, DeBoer Tool has a great deal of experience in all applications and a variety of materials.

It is more than 17 years for DeBoer Tool to provide quality tooling and reconditioning services for the outstanding customer.


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