machine and tool

machine and tool

Providing full lathe and machine tool service and support from initial engineering through installation, preventative maintenance, warranty and post-warranty service is the way that we keep communication with our distributors and customers.

Our technicians are there to provide you with electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical you require when you need it.  Reducing downtime and ensuring that your lathe or machine is up and running is our main objective.

Technicians and engineers always receive their training directly from the builder, so that to guarantee the full benefit of extensive factory-direct knowledge you get.

Preparing to assist you with the proper equipment and a library of mechanical and electrical documentation.

Meanwhile, our service staff is backed by a  computerized parts center that stocks thousands of parts and options to support our lathes, from our current European line to discontinued models installed more than thirty years.
What also available to provide you with added peace of mind after the initial one year warranty period is extending warranty programs.

Who are we? We are a diversified industrial supplier with plenty of designer and producer of highly engineered products for the metalworking.

Driving innovation with the expertise and ingenuity of our people, we delivering results for our customers and partners which are they can depend .

Spread all over in Boston and Chicago with sales offices. Also with the United States, Canada and Latin America.

Working with our customers directly. We want to learn more about our customers’ problems so that we can figure out new and better ways to solve them and help them in a different situation.

What do we want?

The target of creating and fostering customer partnerships for life is our ultimate goal.

Where we work toward is that purpose every day by delivering products perfectly engineered for job with the real-world results customers dream about and maintain good relationship with customers


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