Abdominal bar & tools

Abdominal bar & tools

Rivet and squeezer are purchased in the AHN435, AHN430, AHN455, AHN455, AHN456 modified Brazier, AHN470 Universal and AN442 graphic styles.

Many of our competitors only offer quality or minimum quantities of other styles based on the AHN470 style.

The riveting gun and rivet extruder can be used in the riveting box.

Small concave modules, limited access sets, spring loaded disks, BHACR15FT & similar tube sets, spacers, shank joints, and complete sets of tools can be obtained from stocks.

Abdominal bar & tools

The American industry offers a variety of different bars, with different bars, and a backseat driver from stocks to rivets.

In a variety of sizes, shapes and weight options, a grating made of hardened alloy steel and tungsten allows the user to choose the right exercise stick.

A bumper that is made of ductile iron to ensure a perforated polished and highly polished surface. Hardening to Rc 38-42 can be polished multiple times without changing the device.

If you need quantity, you can make it according to your specifications.

For rivets in many different fields, different bars are provided.

Our high quality top box is provided in our riveting gun sleeve.

Straight rivet sets. 401 the handle

American industrial tools provide the broadest set of straight rivets that can be stored from any dealer. We offer the following cupping style: AN430, AN442, AN455, AN456, AN470, AN435, and AN450.

The rivets are made of tool steel and heat treatment to ensure maximum quality.

The standard size of straight rivet suits is from 1/16 to 1/4

All rivet sets are provided in a. 401 handle size. The rivet is set to optional. The handle of 498 can be used according to special requirements, at least 6 pieces.

Straight rivet sets have the following lengths: 3/2, 5/2, 7/2, 10/2 and 13/2

Rivet set


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