Air hose and accessories

Air hose and accessories

Fluorescent lamps are rechargeable, instrumented, glowing magnifying glasses.

Air hose and accessories

There are many different styles and types of air hose, and accessories are available for stock. American industrial tools store all air hoses, regulators, filters, connectors (standard and fast disconnect), and the air tool oil your store needs.

A quick disconnect coupler provides an effective method for connecting pneumatic circuits. Our standard serial coupler requires both hands and can be interchangeable with various other models to meet the 15/58/12 specification.

Air hose coupler can use socket type, plug type, male and female, hose, hose and hose.

Your air tool’s air rotation connector is in pipe thread and flow range from 25 to 65 CHFM. Air inlet cap protects your air tools from dust, dirt, and corrosion in the design of a part.

Your inline air hose USES lubricants, filters and pressure regulators. Your airline provides an online combination of filters, regulators and lubricators.

Air hose fitting

Fast disconnect coupler provides a quick and efficient way to connect pneumatic air lines. Our couplers are in exchange with various brands in the industry using the # 15/58/12 specification.

Female socket “quick disconnect” coupler can be used in male and female pipe threads and hose stem styles.

Male, female and hose stem style male plug – type “quick disconnect” coupler.

Stem hose and non – diffusion hose stem is the two air pipeline solutions we offer.

Sealant and paint gun

Air operated seal rubber gun, different type of spray gun, and pressure sprayer. Optional options include sealed cartages, plunger, cartage and plunger combination, end cap, and valve procter.

Sealants can be used in 2.5 ounces, 6 ounces, and 12 ounces. Our gun body is made of durable lightweight aluminum.

Our anti-rust fixer is made of special high strength steel to prevent cracking under high pressure. Easy to use: load, simply turn the knob, loosen the fixator. Insert the filling cartage, replace the fixer with cartage, and tighten the knob.

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