Air tool

Air tool

We provide an attachment to drive hexagon nut and wing nut CLO and any 1/4 “capacity drill. However, we recommend that you use this installation driver to use a torque control motor to eliminate the damage.

We provide the pneumatic drive of the torque control of Sioux and DOTCO Hex nut.

When a large number of spring type CLO is installed, the problem of ergonomics and repetitive stress injuries occurs. American industrial tools make a pneumatic CLO installation tool in a long and short series. This tool eliminates the wear and tear of operation CLO pliers.

Air tool

Rivet hammer in standard and recoilless style. The recoilless method is used to reduce repeated stress damage.

The rivet squeezer can be used in the “C” yoke and crocodile style. Crocodile-style jaws can be used with a. 250 fixed holes can be accommodated. 250 caliber shank rivet sets.

Seat rivets can be used in 8 “, 12 “, 24 “36” range with adjustable Lexan guard. An optional “level 2”, high/low system can increase the safety of the operator. There is an optional workpiece support table in our “BR” series.

The rivet razor can be directly, pistol and extended to the model. The size of the skirt and cutter of the rivet razor can hold 5/16 “to3/4” knives.

The drill motor has a straight and handgun grip style, with a wide range of RPM. Our direct drilling motor has a “right Angle” Angle of peace. The correct Angle pattern can be used to use a threaded shank drill or a jobber bit in a section.

The pistol held the air drill

American manufacturers of industrial tools and sales of our own brand pistol grip, as well as other brands of rig sales. Our tool is ergonomic design, compact, quiet, powerful.

Our “handgun grip” car can be keyed and keyless chuck.

end mill for stainless steel


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