American industrial tools

American industrial tools

American industrial tools made in the United States

American industrial tools is a wholly owned and operated tool manufacturing company. UHSIT proudly serves the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries, which are all made in the United States.

There is no limit to the existence of UHSIT, because we currently provide customers with perfect products and services around the world. From the beginning to the end, your relationship with our company and products will be an excellent tradition with a long tradition.

Rivet gun

The blind fastener rivet installation tool, known as a popular riveter, can be obtained from a variety of sizes and styles of inventory. “Popular” brand riveting guns have hands, pneumatic, pneumatic, rechargeable battery drivers. Provide a complete set of cherry aerospace blind fastener installation tools. There are also installation tools for rivet nuts or riv nut fasteners.

Provide blind fastener installation tools and pneumatic operation mode.

Cherry Aerospace and “Pop” provide users with high-quality, long-lived products, and a variety of tool styles to match the application.

The riveting tools have replaceable mantis in the economy, toolkits and speed drives.

Roller clutch design hi-lok hand wrench provides 3 “and 6” processing length from inventory

Our 62 manual riveting tools include installation tools, aluminum rivet, 7 tambourines, 4 nose pieces and are packaged in a tote box.

Riveting tool accessories

American industrial building, assembly, and stock rivet kit for solid/tubular rivets and blind fasteners. We also have all kinds of rivet tool accessories, including: rivet removal, manually riveting, dim, gauge, riveter cover, press, suit tools, regulator, springs, rivets cutter, adhesive tape, as well as all kinds of rivet pole.

All American industrial tools are made of high quality materials to optimize service life and function.

The rivets and riveting extruders are made of hard alloy steel and polish the surface for your professional appearance.


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