Angle air drill

Angle air drill

American industrial tools handgun handle drill motor has one. 75 horsepower high torque motor.

The standard of our handgun grip is our patented variable speed trigger and an adjustable trigger as an option.

The short length and weight of our brand make it ideal for working in limited access space.

Our tiny pneumatic drill weighs 1.33 pounds, has a 1/4 “capacity, 5/8” long, with a teasing trigger.

Angle air drill

The American industrial tools manufacturer correctly angled the drill motor with our straight bit motor with a right Angle head.

These drill engines can be used for exhaust after the use of 2,800 and 4500 RPM.

Our right Angle drill motor provides a 1/4 “-28 main spindle and 9/32” collet spindle.

Our collet style is standard for the following collet size: # 40, # 30, # 28, # 21, # 12, and # 11.

Our right Angle drill motor is the standard that can be used with our safety trigger to remove the unexpected rig motor.

Compact size is a close quarter of the design and construction, with limited access to drilling operations.

Direct air drill

U.S. industrial tools at the following RPM: 500,2,800, 4500, and 15,000. The car weighed two pounds and developed. 75 horsepower.

Our straight drill motor has a 1/4 “capacity, rear exhaust, and CE certified”.

Direct drilling motor can be offset by “L” by 2,800 and 4.500 RPM.

The motor is used in a rectangular head attachment to make our right Angle bit motor available 1/4 “-28 main spindle and a clip spindle spindle.

Collets 40, 30, 28, 21, 12, and 11 bring our right triangle drill with collet style.

The engine is also available in a 2,800 and 4,500 RPM “pancake” accessory.

Repair/replacement parts can be used in this motor.

Deburr tool & brush

American industrial tools has a wide range of sheet metal processing tools that can be used alone. These tools are designed according to the aircraft industry’s needs.


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