BCAR15FT and flushing tools

BCAR15FT and flushing tools

Rivet sets and riveting extruders can be used in the following forms: AHN430, AHN435, AHN455 Brazier, AHN456 modified copper Brazier, AHN442 Flat, AHN442 Flat, AHN450 Simi tube and BHCAR15FT. Some projects may require six minimum orders.

Rivet sets can be provided. 498 handle standard (. Direct, offset, rinse, flush protection, bell, double offset, goose neck, oval shape.

High shear rivet punch, setting, locking device, standard rivet knockout punch, rivet setting expansion can be from inventory.

Rivet extruder can be in various hilt sizes; All the cupping styles are our rivets and all kinds of facial thickness.

Rivet sets and rivet extruders are used in tool steel and heat treatment to ensure maximum quality.

The rivet extruder includes limited access to AHN470, BCAR15FT and flushing tools. In addition, there are also dimple and mould rivet extruder suits and sets for stock.

Rivet set package

The rivets are provided straight, offset, gooseneck, 3 1/2 “length, 5 1/2” length, 7 1/2 “length, 4-6 lumps and mixed groups in AHN470 style. The rivets are made of tool steel and heat treatment to ensure maximum quality.

The rivet package is made in the United States and imported.

Thp89-6 includes 6 1/2 “long rivet 3/32” to 1/4 “plus 1” diameter washing device

THP90 (us) and tp90-i (import) include 5 3/2 “long offset rivets 3/32″ to1/4”

THP90L consists of 5 halves to1/4 “long offset rivets 3/32

SMGNK – 4 includes 4 7/2 “long goose neck rivet 3/23″ to 3/16″

THP89L – universal straight-line rivet suit


Universal straight-line rivet suit


Length (OAL) : 5/2.”

Product characteristics

. 401 the handle

All rivets are made of tool steel and are treated with heat treatment to ensure quality.

“Sm11-474-1/8”, sm11-475-5/32 “, sm11-4706-3/16 “and sm92-rinse set 1″ Dia.”

Including the bag

Straight rivet sets. 401 the handle

American industrial tools provide the broadest set of straight rivets that can be stored from any dealer. We offer the following cupping style: AHN430, AHN442, AHN455, AHN456, AHN470, AHN435, and AHN450.


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