Combination of tools

Combination of tools

In aircraft assembly, each rivet or bolt hole seal, we provide an “anti-hole” distributor. Simply insert the hole and lower the trigger, releasing an appropriate amount of sealant to cover the hole and seat.

Combination of tools

The PBS bonded diamond tools are used for composite and nonferrous materials and can be obtained from the metal workshop tools section of our catalog. PBS is a unique, patented, state-of-the-art diamond combination system that eliminates the stripping and peeling of bonded diamonds.

Circular saw blade available with radius Angle, 40 eyes rhombic, continuous or grooved rim. These round saw blades are perfect for us, in your panel saw cutting composite.

The installed saw blade can be used on the 40 consecutive rim diamond.

The core rig has 40 mesh diamonds and one cut depth.

The router has the full length of the 40 mesh diamonds. All routers have two flute, 3/8 diameter and above.

Jig saw blade can be used in black, deckel, rockwell and Bosch.

Air Vacs & accessories

American industrial tools make Venturi (air-driven) ABS plastic and aluminum miniature air vacuum cleaners.

Have enough suction to pick up iron and non-ferrous chips, bolts and rivets.

Standard throttle doors carry special “locking” functions

The standard for a small air vacuum cleaner is 18 inch hose parts tp575-10.

Hose options include: 18 “, 24 “, and 36 “transparent hose, 12” and 24 “rigid pipe.

This bag will remove the bag from the vacuum.

Replacement bags and bags are available, and soon a HEPA filter bag will be available.

Replacement parts

American industrial tools provide an internal and external replacement for all the tools we produce and a number of tools for other manufacturers.

Here is a list of parts for the tools we make. Our part pricing is not available online; Please contact the customer service price.


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