Customs and specials

Customs and specials

Customs and specials

Our advanced equipment, besides the versatile and extensive functions, enables us to effectively meet your customized molding requirements. This product line is specially made for you, using our large amount of resource transfer, compression and injection molding.

With 25 years of experience and a diligent engineering team, we are ready to provide you with a solution that is most suitable for your specific needs. But identifying the problem and the solution is only the first step; Arvan will build a bridge between these two points.

Electrical components

We provide comprehensive electrical components in line with commercial and military standards. These parts are designed and manufactured according to the strictest standards, our commitment to quality.

Our components are resistant to impact and abrasive stress in a wide range of operating environments and are much lighter than our competition. This line includes terminals, plates, lugs, insulators and bus lines, as well as covers, cover components and knobs.


With such a wide range of applications and possibilities, AR’s senior engineer team and our commitment to quality are critical. We constantly innovate, develop, and test new components to extend performance boundaries.

AR of CAD and CAM computer modeling system to accurately predict the maximum deflection, each new pulley to confirm the optimal section, slot size and bearing, so under the condition of serious load, it will be executed at the peak level.

American industrial tools sponsor Scott farnsworth in the 2016 Renault race!

We are proud to announce that we regain the Scott method, wo (Scott Farnsworth) package, and last year took part in the pilot 38 games, he won the first prize in the sports. American industrial tools have long-term relationships with companies such as general aviation, EAA and Reno, and several of their senior executives have built and piloted their own aircraft. Please support the company that supports general aviation.


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