cutting tools

cutting tools

This versatile hand riveter, THP888, can be used independently of one “, 2 “, 3 “, “5” or “arrival” combination. Simply remove or change the c-yoke, just remove the three hard needles so that you can change the tool to fit your riveting or tintin application.

The longer, redesigned handle is easy to operate and power over 3600 pounds.

Rivet fixed hole. 187 and tools have 4 AHN470 (general) rivet covers and two flush sets (kit # THP116A)

Adjustable mounting bracket reduces the number of rivet and work needs.

Removable c – yoke – capacity 3/32 to 3/16 rivet.

Made from ductile iron, the hand press is 15.2 inches.

Include storage bags.

Hand riveting can also be found in the basic model, THP116,1 1/2 “reaching 1 1/2”.

Crocodiles crush rivet and chin

The alligator rivet squeezer can be used in many dimensions, the force, the single cylinder, and the tandem cylinder.

The alligator rivet squeezer replaces the front part of the jaw with different ranges and offsets.

The maximum allowable stress and model displacement of the F.E.A. analysis was obtained by the extrusion clamping of alligator rivet.

The alligator rivet is made of alloy steel and is accurate and reliable.

The alligator rivet squeezer is designed to use rivets with a size of 3/16 (.187). 1/4 “setting hole can be provided according to request.

Type c extrusion rivet and yoke

Type c rivet extruder can be used in various sizes, producing force, single cylinder and tandem cylinder.

The type c rivet extruder can be provided in different ranges and gaps, and suitable for many competitor rivet extruders. Please ask our sales staff for help.

The maximum allowable stress and model displacement were analyzed by c type riveting extruder.

C – type riveting machine is made of alloy steel with reliable accuracy.

Extrusion riveting accessories


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