The point (self-centerpoint) immediately starts cutting, and does not eliminate the need to use the center punch.

There are JBR length bits in high speed steel (HGSS) and cobalt.

The JBR length bit can be used individually or in a collection.

HGSS JBR length bit

High speed steel agent length drill 118 ° and 135 ° segmentation points are available, and the number and size fraction and the straight shank.

118 ° dividing point is an automatic centering point used in aluminum, magnesium, and mild steel.

135 ° segmentation point is an automatic centering point for hardened steel..

The cobalt JBR length bit

Cobalt drill has a 135 ° split point (to be automatic centering), heaver construction, and greater thermal resistance. These tools are designed to drill hard, tough, high-strength materials such as stainless steel.

The service life of cobalt drilling rig in high speed steel, such as stainless steel, titanium and chromium alloy, has increased significantly.

Both the number and size of the cobalt drill are available.

JBR length bit kits are available on HGSS, cobalt and nitride coatings. All the suits come with a steel box. The empty steel storage box may provide additional charges as required.

Drill set of available Numbers and scores in the 118 ° and 135 ° Angle.

Personal tools can be purchased instead of damaged or warning tools in your collection.

The aircraft expands the drill bit and tool kit

The aircraft expands the drill bit and tool kit

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The plane extension of the bit in high speed steel and cobalt 135 ° dividing point. These tools are only 6 inches and 12 inches long.

Made in the United States, from high quality materials.

All aircraft extension drills are in line with national NAS 907 standards for manufacturing aircraft manufacturing

Aircraft extension training can be in 12 or 24 pieces, HGSS or cobalt, 6 “or 12” lengths.

CL fasteners and installation tools


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