EKD metal forming machine Shrinkage machine & stretcher

EKD metal forming machine Shrinkage machine & stretcher

UHS fpms – 2001 is equipped with a projectile, interchangeable pre-formed and flattened dollies, and contractions/stretchers with foot operations.

Optional wheels, stretcher jaws, and replacement wheels can provide additional costs.

Mittler bros. : the English rotary machine parts on the stage are numbered 2900 to 261/2 and open 2 with six anvil wheels included. This rotating machine is suitable for small work; Perfect entry level machine.

EKD metal forming machine

EKD’s dandruff cold forming machine is provided in manual and pneumatic mode. Machine operation includes: using standard/optional jaw, shrinking, stretching, flattening, round arch, reforming, flattening and flanging.

The American industrial manufacturer, UHSPF150, USES a adjustable stroke to compensate for the metal thickness of the EKD head and chin. Foot operation allows operators to use both hands at large work.

EKD hands, HF100, can install an aerodynamic drive component.

The quick change tool allows you to change jaws in a few seconds and, through adapters, the smallest machine’s jaws can be used on a large EKD machine.

In the standard and beak type, EKD jaws has a face without mar. When the “U” profile is contracted or stretched, the beaked jaw is used.

KHF170 is a portable, pneumatic machine that can be used anywhere in the store, providing only the required air.

High quality EKD tools will stand up to your most difficult work.

Shrinkage machine & stretcher

These special metal materials are one of our best-selling tools! These tools are ideal for bending the circular radius without cutting, heating or tapping the material.

When installing to your workbench, copy any curved edges on the side or optional brackets (part 3371).

The hand press provides a 45-1 leverage that allows you to work with low carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum up to 18.

The tool has a deep throat model, TP395, with eight “reach, 5/2” gaps, or contraction or stretchers. Accessories include contraction jaws and stretchers.

The specially hardened jawbone is reversible double life and can be used as an alternative.


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