gapping tools

gapping tools

One of our spark plug gapping tools is bench mounted and the other can be held or mounted on a vise. Both of these tools are designed for large electrode spark plugs. The workbench has an 18mm adapter. Eliminate guessing what your spark plug gap is.

American industrial tools provide spark plugs for spark plugs. Each of them has 12 air spark plugs. Our metal tray has a number on top of the tray, corresponding to the engine cylinder.

Oil filter tool

In the aircraft maintenance of piston – driven engines, the key component is oil filter inspection. The filter is required to cut the oil filter to examine the metal fragment. We provide the style of flying Wolf and oil filter forceps.

The new Airwolf oil filter is made of 6061-t76 anodized aluminum, and the stainless steel drum can be turned. The sharp cutting wheel is easy to replace, which is a great addition to any mechanical toolbox.

The high quality champion oil filter has an 18mm adapter that allows tools to be installed on the filter. Once the tool is installed, it will rotate around the filter so that you can safely remove the end of the filter and enter the filter.

Our best selling economic model, a rod, is made of 6061 TH6 aluminum and has been anodized for a long time. This tool is characterized by a adjustable core shaft which is suitable for the filter connection hole. Attach the tool to the filter and adjust the tool to make the cutting wheel contact the edge of the filter. The cutting wheel is replaceable.

Our oil filter tool includes a drainage facility for horizontal installation filters that allows you to drain oil from the filter before removing it. No more spills or additional confusion to clean up.

Tools for tires and brakes


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