H – 200

H – 200

H – 200.

Install cleko-lok ch-chc-chd fasteners

  • install Monogram M,MM,ML,MEL & MHD fasteners
  • install kwik-lok k-kk, KL,KEL & KHD fasteners
  • quality forging construction
  • made of wrought steel and nickel-plated to resist wear and abuse

The drill

Drilling design is an all-purpose auxiliary tool which can help eliminate the damage of the drill bit and provide a certain stop to adjust the depth of the hole.

  • secure the drill lock with two fixed screws
  • the unique round surface eliminates the surface ring

Color coding, easy to identify

Stirling carbide produces carbide cutting tools and USES the finest amorphous alloy. Our tools are 100% “made in America” and we support our tools with 100% assurance.

We make cutting tools for a variety of applications in the aerospace industry. We will produce customer specifications and prints. If you don’t see what you need on these pages, please contact us.

Sterling carbide has been providing quality cutting tools since 1985. Sterling carbide will provide 1 or more tools and arrange shipments to meet your requirements.

Standard and professional cutting tools

For 50 years, HP has provided high quality products, technical advice and positive customer service for aerospace, automotive, fasteners and metal processing industries. As the largest drill and cutting tool in the western United States, we are focused on redecorating NHAS 897, 907, 937, 965 standard. In addition, we produce hard alloy rivets, professional reamer, threaded shank adapter bit, core drill, double edge step drill, nut drill and special drill and drill.

Our products have more tools and engineering

HP manufacturing:

HP manufactures manufacturers of HGSS, cobalt, carbide and PHCD RIGS. High quality threaded rod and quick replacement bit, aircraft extension drill, threaded rod reamer, rivet razor cutter, nut board bit and core drill. These tools meet industry standards.

Wet tools and engineering wet cutting tools:

Wet cutting tools are the makers of cutting tools for fluid power components. These tools can be HGSS, cobalt, hard alloy, PHCD, and solid carbide, which are either industry standards, inventory or customer specifications.


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