Hard alloy liner guide V and 10050

Hard alloy liner guide V and 10050

D is suitable for a standard liner for accurate positioning and pilot support. (I have unground body) tool geometry is standard practice, and these tools can be used effectively in the most common materials.

Hard alloy liner guide V and 10050

H-240, ms-33649 / AHS5202 replaceable tap hole reamer

Replacement of pilot can be optional

The wet-type v-cutting machine is similar to the type II series, which provides the replaceable feature of the tap drill reamer, which allows the exchange and alternation of terminal pilots. These tools are mounted on the valve body with hard alloy, 4 flute and ground to achieve precise alignment and test support. The body is a tool steel for heat treatment for toughness and durability. All tolerances are well controlled in applicable military codes.

H-33649 / AHS5202 short series

H-49 hard alloy port tool configuration H- 33649 / AHS5202 contour. Tools can be reduced to provide a complete form of cutting and reamer diameter. Short bodies allow rugged architecture and economics. These tools have a hard alloy tip. All grinding is done between centers to assure concentricity.

Port profile cutter

Straight thread o-ring interface ISO 6149-1:1993(E)

The wet – type SHAE tool is hard alloy with heat treatment mechanism, toughness and durability. All tolerances are within the ISO specification applicable.

Note: F1 is the spot diameter of the tool with the recognition level

ISO/BHS2779 BSPP thread

These short-shipped port tools are cemented carbide and are treated with heat treatment to deal with toughness and durability. They can also be used for high speed tool steel and Morse taper shank.

Port profile cutter

Standard taper pipe reamer hard alloy

Heat treatment tool steel body and hard alloy tip guarantee durable, toughness and maximum life between heavy grinding. PR minus 1 to PR minus 4 has 3 slots. All larger sizes have six alternate cutting slots. Three taper, three diagonal cutting Angle, to simplify the grinding.

end mill for stainless steel


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