metal fab tools

metal fab tools

Our metal fab tools include reciprocating body saws for your plane and car projects. Able to cut 16 specifications of steel and 4 “stroke, they can cut all types of material.

The American industrial tools router has a straight handle and a 12,000 RPM motor. This router is made at our California plant with a 14-2501 router guide. Additional router guidelines provide additional costs.

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Our Air Nibbler Nibbler steel or aluminum sheet, not twisted or twisted sheets. The tool is small enough to start in the middle of a piece of paper, and only a 1-inch hole can start.

U.S. industrial tool manufacturing panel cutting saw blades and panel cutting saws, used for cutting a wide range of materials: as many as 3/16 of the aluminum, 16 types of low carbon steel, 5/8 plastic laminated, and composite materials.

We provide diamond saw blades as an accessory in our plate cutting saw for kevlar and graphite materials.

HGSS and diamond blades are available in our panel cutting tools.

Straight and Angle die grinding machine

American industrial tools provide a straight and two rectangular mould grinding machine from mercury.

Mercurial straight die grinder has 25000 RPM.

Mercury’s right Angle mould grinder can be used at 12,000 RPM and 25,000 RPM tools.

Drilling accessories

Straight line drilling accessories include: stop drilling, drilling jig, expanding drill, drill table, Unibits, drilling and casing (eye cup), center punch, 90 ° Angle accessories, accessories 45 ° Angle, “L” type to offset the attachment.

We provide drilling expansion for threaded shank and JB bit.

Our center punch can provide the correct starting hole for your drilling application in manual, spring, optical, and automatic style.

Our flexible “snake” drill attachment allows you to get to places that are difficult to reach the standard drilling machines.


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