Many of our tools can be used in a variety of coatings, which increases the performance of the tool for abrasion, abrasion, corrosion and oxidation at high temperatures. Based on PHVD technology (physical vapor deposition), cathodic arc technology is adopted to provide the highest standard of modern coating technology for high speed steel, MH42 cobalt and tungsten carbide.

Alcromax is a high performance coating for the PLATIT coating family. It is based on AlCrN, adding titanium. Three parts of the three layers are free to program. The alcromax – Max technique was designed between the toughness of the core layer and the wear resistance of the top nanolayer. Compared with the traditional AlCrN coating, the addition of titanium reduces the wear of adhesives and increases the microhardness of up to 3500Hv, preventing the crack propagation of the coating.

Our case record shows that AX out executes ALTIN in multiple applications. AX is recommended for a wide range of materials and external materials including high temperature alloy, stainless steel,

Alloy steel, cast iron, high temperature nickel base alloy, titanium alloy, quenching tool steel to 50 HRc and inconel. The coating has excellent thermal stability and chemical stability. That means it kept me

Operation properties at very high temperatures as high as 950 ° C. AX has the best overall performance of any coating we provide and is superior to all the general coatings on the market.

The TICN is a universal coating for all kinds of stainless steel milling, drilling and tapping, and all kinds of other materials. When ALTIN cannot be used, this will be a choice because there is no higher cutting temperature in the application, the speed and feed required for the tg4r4r4r4r4eras aluminum, brass and bronze applications. It prevents the edges from piling up, which is typically soft and sticky.

end mill for stainless steel


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