Milling cutter

Milling cutter

Wet tools and related products in California:

California-based products are temporary fastener makers for aircraft and other metal products

Milling cutter

The milling cutter is a tool commonly used in milling or milling operations. They remove material from the inside of the machine or directly from the shape of the tool. Standard milling cutter is available in high speed steel (HGSS), MH42 high speed steel (MH42), hard alloy and hard alloy.

At the cutting edge

The Whitney tool company has grown significantly in recent years and continues to be driven by aggressive new product development and acquisitions.

As the market leader for all professional milling cutters, Whitney has now successfully expanded into more and more cutting tools and processing parts:

— taper end milling cutter

— high performance countersunk hole

– hard alloy edge grinding and cutting saw

– click to expand to 1 “NPT”

– practice extension to 9/16″

– complete series of special materials and PHVD coatings

– complete miniature solid carbide keyway and tail braid

Milling cutter to 1/16 “Dia.

In addition, the Whitney tool is a leader in manufacturing

With a breakthrough burr-zit and handi-burr line deburr tools.

Many standard options are available and can be designed separately

A method to solve the problem of burr application.

Custom knives

Although our product supply will continue to grow rapidly to meet the tooling needs of our customers, we are still the industry leader in manufacturing custom knives. Our company mainly engaged in high speed steel, cobalt, hard alloy, carbide shank type milling cutter and carbide milling cutter. We do our own heat treatment, which allows us to control the quality and arrange your customized knives to a maximum extent.

Half of our business is special printing cutting tools.

With such high production conditions, carbide cutter tools can reduce the overall processing cost. These knives can be cut three to four times faster than high-speed steel. Hardness and proper feed and speed are necessary for successful use of carbide cutting tools.


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