milling tools

milling tools

The cutter is sold separately and can be used to cut the tubing from 1/2 “to 2/8”

Additional accessories include: chip pallets, claws pads, remotable parts, and upper class Notcher suits.

Pipe bending machine & accessories

The tube is designed to make a smooth curve on the round tube of all materials. Tube bending machine can be used in manual and hydraulic power model.

Our lever type, manual unit is very suitable for small tubes in aluminum, copper and low carbon steel.

ML bros. 180 ° manual pipe bender is designed for tubing 1 “0.65 to 0.95 wall thickness. Circular and square shoe covers can be extra cost.

Hydraulic pipe bender in the maximum capacity of 90 ° and 180 ° model 2 “. The available shoe covers include round tubes, square baths and pipes, and extra costs.

With copy paper

The design of the backstrap replicator is for the correct positioning of the rivet hole to replace the panel.

It can be used for bushing type, inverted type and stamping type.

At 6/4 and 13/4 inches

It can be used in 4 plastic bags.

Nut board drill jig

To accurately locate and drill holes to accurately locate and drill holes. Flexible handles can drill holes in rivet holes.

There are several types: single wing (single wing), wings (double wing) Angle (Micky Mouse) and mini anchor nut.

Thread drills and toolkits

The threaded shank drill is designed to drill in the closed area and to tool the “-28 female spindles.” Threaded shank drill can be used in HGSS and cobalt.

Threaded shank drill is manufactured to NAS 965 standard, and into tower, short, long series.

Threaded shank drill can be used in the following dimensions: # 10, # 21, # 30, and # 40.

Broker bit length

Agent is the most common drill bit length and 118 °, 118 ° and 135 ° segmentation dividing point. JBR length training has a straight handle.

end mill


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