Mini parking counters and skirts

Mini parking counters and skirts

Our “heavy industrial chuck” is designed for any 3/8 “-24 main shaft, 1/4” and 3/8 “capacity and is standard with chuck key.

Tapered jaw chuck is heavy, but its mini size fits any Angle drill or attachment 1/4 “- 28 threads.

Our “quick change clip” can be used to adjust your rig to use quick replacement tools. In short and long periods of time, the system allows you to change the charge in seconds.

Mini parking counters and skirts

American industrial tools provide you with a microstop to replace your skirt, allowing you to find a solution for your countersinking needs.

There are several types of our micro – stop water anti-sink cage: axle sleeve, ball bearing, extension stroke and drill.

All of our stopped cages, except for the big, one quarter “handle and 1/4-28 female spindle.”

Our giant anti-sink cage has a 3/8 inch diameter, 3/8-24 mother-shaft, 1/4 cutting ability

Adaptability. 001 increments allow for precise depth control, whether you’re sinking, shaving, riveting or cutting your collar.

Replaceable skirts have anodized, polished, polytetrafluoroethylene and detachable teflon surfaces. No mar Teflon facial and polishing surface removal tool mark.

Hole tool & saw

American industrial tools offer many solutions to your cutting needs. We have standard hole tools and ABS, hollow milling cutters, deep – controlled holcuters kits, large diameter holes for rotary hole tools, and round (fly) knives

Cutting tools and tool bits are made from high speed steel (HGSS) and precision grinding.

The instrument panel cutting tool is operated by hand and needs 7/16 “pre-drilling”.

ABS with drive pins is suitable for deeper holes in steel.

Panel and router & bit

American industrial tools provide a pneumatic tool that can be used to cut out panels or cut panels to fit. We also provide the components you need for your project. All of our tools have cutting tools.



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