plug tool

plug tool

Our hands are elastic fiber boroscope, suitable for the opening 1/2 inch, its characteristic is a omni-directional cable, can bend in all directions. The Boroscope has 18 “and 36” lengths, which can be operated with one hand to activate the pressure-sensitive light switch.

U.S. industrial tool provides a Flexlite boroscope inspection equipment, including direct scanning tube boroscope, 45 ° scan tube, a 60 ° scan tube, and more features.

Cable adjusting tool

The control plane should move a certain distance from the neutral direction and must be synchronized with the cockpit control movement. The flight control system must be adjusted to obtain these requirements. We provide a series of cable tension gauges and riser blocks to help with these adjustments.

Our cable tension meter does not need to be adjusted in advance, nor is it affected by temperature error. Rugged and durable instruments can be used continuously without resetting or checking.

A cable tension meter can be used for absolute accuracy in many cable sizes. The compact size of these instruments allows for small openings and allows accurate readings of the cables in narrow areas.

These tools are easy to use and can be tested with one hand in seconds.

Wide range of cable tension meter and vertical pipe block cover all cable size range.

As part of our series of products, we provide a screw wrench for adjusting control cables.

The spark plug tool

Our spark plug tools include magnetic plug socket, gap setting gauge, cleaners, cleaner/tester, spark plug tray/stent, gap setting tools, spark plug hole thread prosthesis, and thread lubricant.

The spark plug washer adopts pneumatic and vibration mode. This aerodynamic style is accomplished by grinding powder and bags. The vibrator style is electric, including two replacement tips.

Our spark plug cleaner/tester is a nice, but relatively inexpensive way to clean and test your spark plugs. The clean air and grinding powder of these units quickly remove the carbon deposition. Once cleaned, the plug can be on the side of the unit test.


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