pneumatic tools

pneumatic tools

Standard safety wire pliers are available in 9 “manual return, bearing return, spring or automatic return.” 6 “automatic wire back” can also be used for nearly a quarter of the work.

The automatic reversing safety line rotator is now available.

The safety line tool also has a screwdriver type. The end of the wire is hooked to the tool and the tool is turned by hand to create torsion. These tools have six “and 18” lengths to be prepared for. 060 line.

Safety wire wrap has a 6-inch automatic safety wire pliers, a screw driver 6 “long tool, three characters of the secure wire.” In 020,. 032, & 041), and a suitcase.

The safety line is sold separately in the volume. 020,. 032, 032.

Other pneumatic tools

American industrial tools provide a variety of tools and aircraft repair/assembly related to our core products.

Many of the pneumatic/pneumatic tools we provide provide foot control, bracket, bucket and adjustable mounting bracket.

From the inventory, you can get the edge rolling/hole flanging tools, hand sutures, grooves, sharpeners, aluminum – metal – compound shears, and documents.

Can be obtained from the supply of the line, the line twist pliers, screwdriver, looping distortion tools, limited by tubing cutter, tubing off, cables, nylon, nylon tie fasten tools, screw pitch gauge.


Lighting solutions can be used in the style of phosphor, LED and halogen, or without umbilical cord, in suspended or independent models.

LED lights have clear ends, so they work not only in the traditional way, but also as a flash, concentrating the beam from the end of the compact casing.

Our LHITE rope scroll (THO99F) comes with a quick release wall bracket, 13 watt impact service light, and the handle has a built-in power tool.

The halogen lamps have 500 and 1000 watts. Perfect solutions when you need extra lighting in the workplace.

A 1000-watt light can be used with a tripod, which contains a central pole that can extend six feet.


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