Port profile cutter

Port profile cutter


Series 23000 8-point twist drill

The eight – point geometry of high – layer free holes for graphite and glass fiber materials was developed.

Series23000-8 –

Series 22000 K kev-point twist drill

The “kevpoint” geometry was designed to create a “smokeless” hole in the kevlar material.

Port profile cutter

SHAE j1926/1 / ms-16142 o-ring Boss tool


The tool’s shorter body allows for rugged architecture and a bigger economy. This short series of tools has four flutes, which are used to deal with toughness and durability. All tolerances are well controlled in applicable military codes.

SHAE j1926/1 /MHS 16142 o-ring Boss tool

High quality high-speed steel, heat treatment for optimal performance, can provide any necessary modification of standard cutter.

SHAE j1926/1 / ms-16142 o-ring Boss tool

The wet SAE j1926/1 / ms-16142 standard port contour knife has 4 flute, each has a hard alloy tip to prevent piling and scoring. The valve body is a tool steel for heat treatment, which is rugged and durable. All tolerances are within the applicable military and SHAE specifications.

SHAE port contour cutter o-ring boss SHAE j1926/1 / ms-16142

Hard alloy blade multi-taper shank (SHAE) port profile knife is the toughness and durability of heat treatment. All tolerances are within the applicable military specifications. There are 5 ˚ are shaft Angle taper shank tools

Carbide insert I/and 10050

Mc-240 turret lathe type

Type II/and 10050-mc-240

Drill pressure valve body, bushing guide

These port contour cutter cutting surface, anti-hole, anti-sinking, radius and drill diameter once. Because the tools are between the center, the perfect concentricity is achieved. The tool is designed to balance cutting edge cuts and even the most life-span chip load distribution between grinds. Tool life has also increased, reducing the cutting edge. The i-type and type II have the same contours, but the best results are in type II, the whole body.


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