Riv-nuts and hi-lok hand tools

Riv-nuts and hi-lok hand tools

Off-the-shelf air rivets are widely used in pneumatic and manual operation styles to fit any blind fasteners you install.

The available products have a variety of blind plate nut tools, insert tools, toolkits, replacement mandrels, replaced mandrel components and speed drivers.

Air riveting tool accessories include optional size drawing, riveting gun joint, and blind fastening tool.

Riv-nuts and hi-lok hand tools

Riv-nut high – lock ratchet and hand tools can be used when mounting professional fasteners. The riv-nut tool can be used for wrench type and speed drive type. Alone and toolkits.

When installing a blind single threaded and drilled tubular rivet, it can be fixed entirely from one side. Riv-nuts are used in thin plates that require assembly/disassembly.

The riv-nut tool provides partial size, metric size (additional cost of M3 thru M6) for manual assembly, kit and blind speed nut drive.

Individual wrench type riv-nut tool with Allen wrench and replacement parts are not available. Wrench type equipment suitable for close range, total height 1 1/2 “less core rod, need to use the open end or socket wrench.

The speed driver kit includes: LH6000 speed drive, sca6/32, sca8/32, sca10/32 mandUNK,nose pieces and box. Replacement of the sea swallow and nose piece is available.

The LH7000 blind nut speed driver has a long stroke, which is LH6000, used for riv-nuts in grooves. Maintenance parts can be used on LH6000 and LH7000.

Hi-Lok wrench and roller clutch design come in 3 “and 6” length quarter “drive.

A quick hand tool with a nose size can be used alone and available in the VSK II and comes-lok II style fastener toolkits. Each hand tool consists of a ratchet and a size fastener assembled by the nose piece.

All VSKII and comti-lok ratchet tools include ratchet wrench, bracket, nose tip connector, universal nose tip and wrench gear.

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