Series cutting

Series cutting


* * 2400 (double flute) guide platform


* * series 23500 (three flute) guides

* * used for drilling in aluminum, graphite, glass fiber, etc. These tools are equipped with standard thread foot, suitable for traditional micro – stop cage…


* * series 13435A “beehive” router

Recommended for honeycomb and kevlar. Designed with “opposite flute” (right/left), compressed material, clean cut at the top and bottom, without layering or “blur”…


Series 2600 solid carbide slot router

This style of router works well in aluminum manual or CNC routing.


Series 23600 diamond cutting router

The tool, long considered a standard for routing fibre materials, is also used to route carbon materials


Series 23800 nut board drill & anti-sink

It can be used in two common industrial sizes and used with a nutplate drillmotor. The bit size is # 30 and # 40, which can be used on 3/16 and 1/4 valve bodies.


Series 33,000 dagger drills

Used to control feed/speed drive, such as Quackenbush, which is designed to produce a free hole in the graphite material and/or graphite/aluminum. The material is not more than 1/4 “thickness…


33200 series tapered drill-reamer

The tool is also known as a “disposable” drill, which can be used for hand drilling (through a cloth beard) or for controlled feed/speed drive. Originally developed for drilling for fiberglass, these drills are also suitable for drilling… Graphite composite material port contour cutting tool

SHAE j1926/1 / ms-16142 o-ring Boss tool


The tool’s shorter body allows for rugged architecture and a bigger economy. This short series of tools has four flutes, which are used to deal with toughness and durability. All tolerances are well controlled in applicable military codes.


33300 series parabolic flute drill

It is recommended to drill holes in aluminum, glass fiber, graphite, plastic and other non-ferrous materials.


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