SG tools

SG tools

Professional instruments include: Swage sleeve, bolt, round sheet and wire.

Our spiral repair kit and spiral serrated spark plug insert helps you fix all damaged lines on your fuselage.

Cable SG toolkits, SG tools, tubing cutting tools, and pipeline combustion tools can help you navigate your aircraft.

Our extensive inspection of mirrors, magnetic retrieval tools, and manual retrieval tools will help you find all these missing tools.

Screw extractor, file, ratchet small wrench, and the speed wrench of the side thermostat will allow the removal of all screws and bolts in your fuselage.

Wire stripper and wiring tool

There are many styles and sizes for wire stripe tools and wiring tools for cutting, stripes and crimping. Welding and dissoldering tools are also provided.

All of our purposes are curly, striped and cutting tools are a flexible tool for all tools, a great addition to any toolbox.

Our two lines draw a line on one line and a line on the other.

Our automatic wire stripping clamps clamped down until the handle came loose.

Our convenient cordless welding kit consists of two welding techniques that can be connected to 125 electrons when fully charged. Getting rid of the rope can make you more free and more flexible to get into those tight spots.

Hot guns and accessories

Heat gun is used to shrink tube, deflux, activate adhesive, remove paint and so on. Within two temperature ranges, these multi-purpose tools need to be used in each toolbox.

Our heat gun has a lightweight, solid aluminum shell.

Adjustable intake control allows greater control over shrinkage and activation of adhesives.

Special accessories for shrinkage of tubing and packaging.

You can use the replacement heater element.

The anti-slip rubber substrate allows our hot gun to be used in multiple locations.

Micron and set

Our precision hand tools range includes the products of the micron and micron series in satin and baking. Accuracy is guaranteed. Our standard micrometer and standard micrometer. It’s on our electricity/digital dial.


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