In a few simple steps, the user will be according to the job application (step 1), work piece material (step 2), whether you need a long reach holder (step 3), and the type of processing needed for (step 4) to guide the most applicable SHAVIV tool.

The SHAVIV GENiusTM also provides an additional listing that can be used to form a set of tools using separate blades and different combinations. In short, SHAVIV GENiusTM makes it easier for SHAVIV’s hand to burr! Learn more about SHAVIV GENiusTM and other VARGUS innovations

EHMO Hanover 2017, booth B66,Hall 3.

HCN is characterized by long time release, it reduces the cutting force, when the thread reaches 3 xdo (thread diameter), TM solid-state HCN tool, is designed to be exclusive of geometry, solid state was placed on TM Helicool products the forefront of and reduces the long thread processing time of the operation. TM solid HCN tools are available in the popular VTH level, general purpose, heavy thread milling grade, coated with high wear resistant TiCN.

TM solid HCN tools are fully supported by VS GENius and are most advanced

Tool selector and CHNC program generator in metal cutting tool industry.

Learn more about TM solid HCN and other VS innovation in EHMO

Hanover 2017, booth B66, hall 3. VS tools is a leading manufacturer and seller of industrial cutting tools. We have a wide range of standard cutting tools and designs for custom cutting tools, including solid carbide bits, step drills, reamer and end mills.

Since 1966, VS tools have a reputation for excellence in quality and quality customer service. We use the most advanced equipment and the latest technology to continuously produce the highest quality tools available in the market.

Custom tool manufacturing

From simple tool modifications to complex tools that can accurately meet blue print specifications,

end mill for stainless steel


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