sheet metal processing tool

sheet metal processing tool

The sheet metal processing tool is designed to make sheet metal parts further assembly. We provide tools for building new and refurbished existing aircraft.

Our burr and rivet hole brush bag provides you with all the tools you need to prepare your sheet metal assembly.

Gas drilling accessories

The extensive rig accessories we provide provide a standard drill motor, which increases flexibility and helps you eliminate drilling problems.

90 ° and 45 ° Angle attachment is suitable for drill chuck directly and extending from the drill machine before 6 “. These adapters have 5/16 “capacity, use 1/4” -28 threaded shank drill or straight shank drill with a tapered jaw

Our “L” offset drill attachment will be applicable to any 1/4 “capacity drill chuck with 1/4” -28 female threaded spindle.

We provide a 30 “long” snake drill “attachment, access to limited access to the region. Our snake drill accessories available straight, Angle of 90 °, 45 °, 360 ° Angle.

Our “corner drill chuck” is a perfect compliment to all of our rig accessories. The toolkit allows straight shank drill and 1/4 “-28 female handle” in any attachment.

This Ol’s connection jumper turns your drill motor into a tooth shape tool for a tube or tube. Maximum pipe/pipe size is 2.

Drill chuck

American industrial tools provide different styles and sizes of drill clips. The drill chuck has three and four mandible styles and 3/8 “-24 mounts.

Our “Angle drill chuck” has a 1/4 “-28 male adapters, a 5/32” capacity and is designed for all angles of accessories and tools.

The keyless chuck is the best choice for any mechanic, with rubber sleeves or all metal structures. There are 3/8 “-24 seats” in 1/4 and 3/8 “ability”, which eliminates the need for chuck keys.

The standard replacement cartridge is designed to fit any 3/8 “-24 main shaft, with a 1/4 and 3/8 capacity, and the standard with a chuck key.


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