Special tools

Special tools

American industrial manufacture and stock yoke, jaw, adjustable bracket, pneumatic control, extrusion rivet suite, pressure pads dollies, spacer shims, drill rod adapter, gage, test bench, stents, rivet tape, cutting machine, rivet rivet and dress, and the organizers of the rivet.

Industrial stocks in the United States repair parts for all of their riveting tools and provide detailed drawings to identify parts through the site.

Not at all. S-industrial manufacturing and a wide range of rivet squeezes c-yokes.

American industrial manufacturers and stock wide alligator jaws and front components.

Press the set

American rivet riveting machine is set in the wash and concave style in the thickness of a quarter of the “in the increment.

American industrial stocks set up juicers in AHN430, AHN442, AHN455, AHN456, AHN470 and AN435 styles.

The shank size of American industrial stock rivet extruder from 3/16 “(.187) to 3/8” (.375).

All the sets are hard and have smooth faces on the ground.

A gasket in the history of American industrial stocks. 187 handle, shank, and spring flush.

A tool for the body of a trailer

Special tools for truck trailers and bag manufacturers based on our proven UHS151 are available for stamping and extrusion tools. Unfortunately, there is no standard extruded track design in this industry, which requires minor modifications to our standard design.

American industrial portable punching tools are faster and cheaper to remove burrs.

3/16 “maximum material thickness and 5/16” maximum aperture.

The trailer assembly of American industrial rivet extruder has two styles. The uhs151-1a – 2f c – yoke has a hardened anvil, eliminates the need for the removal device and provides operators with a faster detection of rivet handles.

The uhs151-1a – 3m is the standard configuration, with 3/6 “copper cans”. A fixed support for a replaceable set and hardened anvil is also available.

Rivet shavers

The pneumatic rivet shaving tool is designed to scrape the surface of the metal sheet to help eliminate the aerodynamic defects caused by the raised rivets.

end mill for stainless steel


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