This contraction and stretcher can be used as a power model with a bracket and pedal part number THP371PSS.

This tool can be ordered as a contracter, as a stretcher, or with a set of jaws, a composite tool.

Draw with a hammer

American industrial tools provide portable and stationary hammers for the mitler brothers and EKD. When the workpiece is hammered into the desired shape, a flat hammer can smooth the surface of the workpiece.

EKD’s portable hammer, GHL2, has three different molding molds used for flattening, stretching and bending. GHL2 provides a quick change tool system with a handy storage shelf. GHL2 can now be used in larger packages with steel and no mar tools that can be flattened, stretched and bent.

The Mittler brothers fixed planishing hammer in 12-inch and 24-inch throat depth, and 90 PSI generated 4600 times per minute.

The 9 radius of the anvil is completed with a hammer, including 3/4, 1-1/2, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12.

Metal shears

American industrial tools provide pneumatic Tennsmith electric scissors and hand powered Tennsmith metal shears, and the mitler brothers’ feet shears, beverley’s guttural, and beverley shears.

TPS shear has a maximum cutting length of 52/4 inches, cutting 16 feet of low carbon steel and 20 stainless steel at 600 psi maximum working pressure.

TS provided foot power metal scissors 37 “maximum cut (part number THP36MS) and 52/2” maximum cut (part number THP52MS).

ML bros. Foot shear (part number 3000-52-16) has 48 “cut and 52” wide tables. The machine is equipped with reversible blade, which can prolong life and adjust pressure drop.

There are two types of beverley diphatic shears: THP253, which can be cut into 14 low carbon steel; THP254 will be cut to grade 10 low carbon steel.

Breaker and roll

The mitler brothers’ extreme tubing cutting machine has a variable speed control and a large classification cutter.


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