THP82, THP83 and THP84

THP82, THP83 and THP84

THP176MKB includes a TP83 Rivet gun, which can also be used as part number THP176MKB – 2(THP82 riveting gun) or THP176MKB – 4(THP84 Rivet gun).

This kit contains our most popular rivets, which are characterized by precision machining hardening and ground valves, pistons and cylinders, long life.

THP82, THP83 and THP84 rivets have a “reliable grip” powder coating and have our famous teasing trigger.

The kit features AHN470 rivet sets, hard, ground, and polished surfaces.

Reinforce and grind with polished gluten.

The 562 pieces are wrapped around our basic riveting guns and come with a kit.

This suit weighs 50 pounds

Metal plate tool

American industry manufactures sheet metal tools and equipment and sells products of other products.

Brand inventory and representativeness include; American industrial tools, Eckold, Mittler brothers, Beverly, Tennsmith, sykes says – pickavant, Baileigh, Dotco, IR, Desoutter and Sioux.

Metalworking tools include a wide range of layout tools.

American industrial tools are manufactured and assembled in the United States.

English wheels and rotating accessories

The British spin machine is named after the metal forming between two steel wheels. The wheels are flat, the wheels are flat, and the following are curved wheels that roll on the metal sheet under a preset pressure setting, causing the metal to stretch and bend. American industry manufactures two different kinds of rotary machines.

The British rotary machine is installed on the mobile and bench. These mobile machines are installed on replaceable casters.

The English rotator of the UHS1001 foot activates the opening height of 44 inches and 38 inches, including three anvil wheels.

The UHSfpms – 2001 foot-moving mobile shaping machine is a movable sheet metal forming center that allows many different tasks to be performed on a single machine. The English rotary machine has 29 “and an open height 19”, including six anvil wheels.


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