threaded drill allows

threaded drill allows

The “L” offset drill is attached to your drill motor, and the threaded drill allows you to reach the structure where a standard drill can’t go.

Screwdriver and bit

American industrial tools provide screw drive, thread removal tool, magnetic insert screwdriver, torque screwdriver, and thread removal tool. Our magnetic screwdrivers use insert bits, many of the styles of our inventory.

Our inserts include: Phillips style short and long, slotted, with discovery’s sleeve, power position, three-wing position, and slot head Allen.

Our heavy-duty screw removal tools are heat treatment, electroplating, and manufactured for a lifetime. This ingenious tool can be folded for storage and has a locker for accessories.

Our hand torque screwdriver is applicable to applications that require specific torques.

Fuselage and power plant

American industrial tools manufacturers and sales of a wide range of aviation frameworks and power devices to meet the needs of family builders and commercial builders.

AF tools include: air rivet tools, riveter plane, drill motor, rivet, bench base rivet, rivet, hot/cold dimmers, blind rivet gun hammer, contraction and stretching machine, noodle, labels, cut, air biting mouthparts, shearing machine, tubing, pipe bender, Cleco installation tools, reciprocating saw body, routers and panel saw.

Power tools include: spark plugs cleaners, instrumentation, gap index, spark plug cleaner/testers, bushing and bearing drive assembly, push rod housing flaring tool, oil drainage bag filter, oil filter tool, nut wrench cylinder base, spring compressor, hose assembly tools, ring compressor, differential cylinder pressure tester, high voltage cable tester, time metrics, and magnetic light time.

Spark plug service tools include: abrasives and vibration-style cleaners, detergents and testers, slit pressure gauges for blade and rod, professional plug and plug.

Other hand tools

Building and maintaining a rack and power plant requires many different tools. American industrial tools provide a wide range of manual tools for all these special work designs.

Professional plier type tools include: camloc, duckbill, cannon plug, and manual swager.


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