We provide precision microns of 0-1, 1, 2 and 2-3 dimensions. These precision instruments have friction stop and satin finish

Our six luxury micrometers include six microns ranging from 0-1 to 5 “-6” to set the standard in wooden boxes. This complete set will be a large addition to any mechanical toolbox.

In our three-piece precision micrometer kit, the tools are industrial quality, long life hard alloy surface, micro grinding, high degree of flatness and peace. Dimensions include 0-1, 1, -2, 2, -3.

Our super accurate electronic/digital micrometer has a 0-1 “capacity, hard alloy surface, ratchet stop, and.” . 0001. Accuracy of 001 mm.

Our tools include digital display calipers and 6 “capacity”. 0005 accuracy. Additional options include removable drop points and default tolerance ranges.


Our measuring products include a number of different types of gauges, including rivet fixture length, rivet length, workshop rivet gauges, and professional mechanical precision rivet head gauges. Our precision measuring hand tools include: cylinder bore gauge, thickness gauge, screw pitch gauge, and spring calipers.

Standard cherry-type grip and grip and material thickness gauges can be found in our product catalog’s riveting tool (Cherry Aerospace).

Our workshop rivet pressure gauge and our professional mechanical precision rivet head pressure gauge provide precise rivet handle to measure the minimum to maximum, as the diameter of the driving swallowtail diameter. If your rivet is properly driven, don’t speculate.

Our pocket thickness gauge has a capacity of 0 to 1/2, with a resolution of 0.0005.


Boroscopes allows accurate inspections of aircraft engines without removing the engine. American industrial tools provide fiber Boroscopes and omnidirectional cables in all directions.

Our meerkats are built in the United States, with 10,000 pixels of imaging, 180 degrees of clarity, and a 50-degree view. The tool USES steel scroll, which has waterproof and chemical resistance.


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