TSH slides

TSH slides

TSH slides have 24, 36, and 42 lengths. Heavy floor support for selection. Ships, freight cars.

On your material, rollers roll, grind, polish.

Bead roller & tool

The mitler brothers power drive bead roller can be in 24 “, 36 “and 42” reach model “. The Mittler brothers manufacture a 24-inch manual drive machine that can be easily converted to power-driven machines.

Available accessories include bracket, roll stand and depth stop.

Mould includes standard and special bead roll and power pipe bead roll group.

Bench press & tool

The miter brothers’ bench press is manual and hydraulic. Hydraulic pumps are sold separately.

The manual type press can be used in 3 ton model. The hydraulic type press has 5 tons and 10 tons.

Available tools include: corner punching equipment, cutting equipment, 90 ° braking equipment, tool adapter suite, punch and die installation kits, spring center.

Metal cutting scissors

Sheet metal shears can be widely used in various styles and sizes, from simple rods to burrs, which can be cut freely.

Our best buy in sheet metal scissors is our airline Snips combination. This kit provides the right hand, left hand and straight cut. Buy these three bags and save up.

Our Tinner sheet metal tool appears in duckbill (circular cut) peace surface (straight cut) style

TAB cutting & slicing machine

American industrial tools make labels in single and tandem cylinder styles. The tool is designed for cutting the router tags for aluminum, steel, titanium and stainless steel. The tool provides shear blades that can be re-polished or rotated to new edges.

Our label accessories include a “D” style handle and a bench stand with pedals.

American industrial tools make pneumatic shears with a capacity of 18 feet low carbon steel. Replacement of shear head is available.

Repair parts can be used for all products manufactured by American industrial tools


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