UHS150BRS will receive up to 12 inches of torque tube.

The American industrial tools company provides the machine with a wide range of fixation/Loral air brake rivet tools.

The security features include a Lexan security shield and an optional two-stage hi-lv system that provides the required point protection to the CHFR29 OSHA standard.

Two levels of high and low pressure system components UHS13046MPB require factory to install CE certification.

Compression riveter on the bench

The top compression riveter on the workbench is designed to be mounted on a bench supporting the workpiece, or as a portable unit on a trolley. Table top compression riveting machine can be used for manual/pneumatic operation, and can provide a wide range of optional tools.

The top hand riveting and t-clamp on the top of the table, THP6150, allows you to go deeper into the sheet than any other hand tool, which is ideal for the tool-builder.

The THP6150 workbench riveter provides heavy steel yoke, 19 “throat and 4” gaps, including a. Use standard tintin and press, die and die.

Pneumatic table riveting machine UHS114tcc – 98g, developed 7700 pounds of force for 3/16 “aluminum” and “1/4” steel rivets. Based on our 114 series compression rivet, this tool is very reliable.

Tools include mounting bracket at the top of the table, pneumatic control foot, adjustable mounting bracket, and CE certification.

According to our series cylinder UHS114 series, this bench rivet can produce a force of 7,700 pounds.

Cherry rivet & tool

Extensive cherry rivets, pneumatic and manual operations, traction guns, extensions, adapters, and FHOD reduction collection systems can be from stocks. The Cherrymax rivet gun is manufactured in a modular manner, allowing customers to select manual/pneumatic gun, head, extension and FHOD reduction systems to meet the requirements of the rivets installed anywhere.

Blind rivet

American industrial tools has a wide range of blind rivets, traction heads, riv-nut mounting tools, and accessories for blind fasteners. These tools can be used in pneumatic, dc (battery operated) and manual operation models.

end mill for stainless steel


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