wheels and brake tools

wheels and brake tools

Our wheels and brake tools are second to none. We provide vertical riveting machines, two different kinds of brake lining rivets, tire tire presses, aeration equipment, valve extensions, valve repair tools, and brake extraction tools.

Our bead crusher is easy to operate and handles the tire from outer edge to 14 inches wide.

High-voltage inflatable connections can be divided into two different styles. 305-32 “line, a man and a woman.

There are three different ranges of aircraft tyres and strut pressure gauges: 6-60 PSI at 5PSI increment, 0-300psi range at 5HPSI increment, 100-300psi range at 100 PSI increment (only check the aircraft support).

The extension of the Schrader valve can be found in metal and nylon types, 3/4 “and 1/4”.

A fuse tornado

Various safety wire pliers (safety wire pliers) can be used alone or in the kit. Our American industrial tool brand is manufactured according to our own specifications and is subject to our quality control inspection and approval.

These tools are commonly used for safety joint nuts, bolts, electrical connectors and oil filters. Simply clip the ends of the two wires, lock the tools, and pull the knob. Each time the pliers perfectly rotate and twist the wires.

Standard safety wire pliers are available in 9 “manual return, bearing return, spring or automatic return.” 6 “automatic wire back” can also be used for nearly a quarter of the work.

The automatic reversing safety line rotator is now available.

The safety line tool also has a screwdriver type. The end of the wire is hooked to the tool and the tool is turned by hand to create torsion. These tools have six “and 18” lengths to be prepared for. 060 line.

Safety wire wrap has a 6-inch automatic safety wire pliers, a screw driver 6 “long tool, three characters of the secure wire.” In 020,. 032, & 041), and a suitcase.


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