Item of the stretch wrapper

Item of the stretch wrapper

We think that the material draw is definitely a good idea to help keep constant tension for the horizontal stretch wrapper.

Are you able to give me a price of freight from your factory to port of Brisbane Australia?


Second option, can you give me price of road freight from your factory to the city of Nan’an City, Quanzhou, China. As we may this road freighted to another supplier that we have containers coming to use quite regularly.

pipe coiler&hose winding machine

What do you estimate will be the size and weight of this machine as I need to make sure I have enough floor space to fit this orbital stretch wrapping machine?


Is there any parts that will be commonly wear as we would like to get spare parts for these items that you think may wear out when we purchase the machines? IE. Drive wheels, material draw back mechanism etc.

  1. We would like to take the second option for freight to road freight it to Justin Chu

——–Ok, not the problem, We can help you deliver the machine to Fujian.

Please kindly talk to your supplier that we not responsible for the cost of container freight and related handling fee… Because of it is not including the $750.


  1. What is the width of the clear wrap film? We need 500mm wide rolls so the rolls don’t pull down between coils, please confirm this



  1. We would also like some spare parts with the machine. What parts would you recommend as well as the drive wheels? Are there any bearings or other parts? Also what about the retractable roller assembly that holds the clear wrap roll? What are the price of these?

——— Base on experience, only drive wheels required.

Bearing is the international standard, you can find the repleacement in your local market.

“Retractable roller” : Do you mean following one?  For film width 500mm the price is $1,200




  1. Can you please resend a video of the machine we are purchasing to please.


——-We will design the machine per your video. Since it is a customized solution we don’t have the same machine video.


  1. Please send a proforma invoice

———Please check the PI.


The payment term discussed with Chris is

20% down payment,

30% after checking the full designing. (we can change the design according your suggestion)

50% balance after sucessful checking. (Pay the money after machine satify you, if not, we will do the improvement per your idea)



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